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The Vengalattore group

We are an experimental research group with a focus on ultracold atomic gases. These systems, cooled to nanokelvin temperatures, can be regarded as mesoscopic quantum fluids with highly tunable many-body properties. Further, due to the high degree of isolation from the environment and long coherence times, these gases show promise as quantum sensors that are extremely sensitive to weak forces or fields. Broadly speaking, our research seeks to create, control, and study novel many-body states of such gases to address various questions regarding the non-equilibrium properties of isolated quantum systems, quantum measurement, quantum sensor technologies and macroscopic tests of quantum mechanics.

We currently have three experimental systems devoted to (i) studies of spinor condensates and their many-body properties, (ii) hybrid quantum systems for precision measurements, optomechanics, quantum sensors and tests of macroscopic quantum phenomena, and (iii) studies of ultracold fermions. To learn more, visit our Research page.

A broad introduction to our research program can be accessed on the Physics Department News
We have openings for postdocs and graduate students. Interested candidates should email for more information.